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Hindsight for 2020: It’s real.

This year was more than difficult. While in it, any good day or bad day felt all-consuming. I too-easily forgot my victories. I too-easily forgot the blessings. So here’s my list of the light that the darkness couldn’t overcome.

I published, unpublished, and republished Sulwen.

I started a new novel after eight years of working with the same story.

I became a senior in college.

I began the most beautiful relationship with my boyfriend and his two silly, fun, and amazing sons.

I quit a management position that was taking its toll on my mental health.

I embraced therapy.

I learned how to be vulnerable and honest.

I discovered the strength in admitting when I am weak.

I learned to permit myself emotions and time to process them.

I fell in love with new music (hodgepodge of a playlist featured below, with all the year’s top discoveries & comfort songs) >>>

I read 18 books.

I maintained an author website and Instagram profile.

I developed a deep appreciation for candles, fresh flowers, and sunbathing while reading.

I danced in a snow storm.

I composed songs on a ukulele.

I went skinnydipping in a lake at twilight.

I let myself cry.

I found my voice and used it.

I ate an exorbitant amount of Mexican cuisine, fig bars, Chick-fil-A, and Dunkin’ Donuts… and regret none of it.

I decorated my room for Christmas.

I bought my first car.

I cut my own hair.

I realized the power of good hugs.

I filled my room with cozy blankets.

I enjoyed quality cinema. Some favorites >>>

I learned–am learning–how to rest.

I remained a warrior in the midst of depression, anxiety, and episodes of invasive & suicidal thoughts.

I made time for people. I made new friends and strengthened existing relationships.

I miraculously survived a car crash.

I relearned how to pray and trust God. I lost and found my belief.

This year was hard. It stripped me bare, crushed me to the core, and left me wondering how I’d make it out alive. By grace and grit and love, I sewed myself together. I let God do the healing work I couldn’t. And I kept going.

You are still here, too. Be proud of this. Happy 2021, my friends.

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