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2019 Ten Book Challenge!

Hello, fellow dreamers. 

Reading is key to writing. Past this, it is a past-time that challenges and enlightens us. It presents new ideas, new worlds, and new characters to both love and hate. We can laugh, cry, and feel with the written word.

As put so eloquently by Stephen King, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

So I pose the 2019 Ten Book Challenge.

And I need your help.

Reading is a struggle for me. I wonder whether or not taking the time to sit and lose myself in a story is really worth my time, that somehow I’m wasting it . . . yet it’s funny how I’m willing to waste just as much time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.

The 2019 Ten Book Challenge is simple. Read ten books in the upcoming new year. That leaves about five weeks for each book. Easy, right? 

[We’ll see how “easy” it is when I’m having a meltdown over book two.]

I’m challenging myself just as much as I’m challenging you. And to keep myself accountable, I’m sharing my journey with you by posting a review for each one I complete.


Book #1: Monster (Frank Peretti)

Goodreads synopsis


Honest to the title, it’s an monster horror-thriller novel. And it has one heck of a twist.

I hope that, if nothing else, my completing this challenge will inspire you. Reading can be a treat, but it can also feel like a burdensome task. Yet we can learn so much.

So, speaking of books… keep an eye out for my review of NY Times Bestseller Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi. For her story truly was a portable magic.

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