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The Passionate, Hard Worker’s Dilemma

Hello, fellow dreamers. 

Dreamers–I’ve always considered myself more of a doer. Alas, I’ve been failing to fulfill that personal expectation.

Freshman year of college + part-time job + volunteering + (desperately) maintaining friendships


Zero Writing

I know I’m not the only one who has struggled with this dilemma. So it’s about time we talk about it.

Often our lack of writing and creativity is entirely our fault. We slack off, pulling the old “I’ll do it tomorrow” until too many tomorrows go by. In such cases, articles like Novels over Netflix, P.1 and Novels over Netflix, P.2 are what we need to get kick-started.


No matter what the motivational speaker may tell you, everyone comes to their limit with priorities. It‘s important to recognize yours. 

I didn’t give up on writing altogether. In fact, it’s really only been a month–though that month has felt much, much longer. But I came to the realization that I needed to step back. My mental and emotional health came first. 

And while my characters have begged me to return to them, I’ve resisted the temptation to open that Word Doc. Some may call it weakness, but I like to think it’s bravery. I’m fully capable of pushing myself to edit, edit, edit. But in the end, I wouldn’t do my characters justice! At this point in my life, I cannot dedicate the time necessary to my story.

So, Emma, your point?

If you’re beyond stressed–overwhelmed and having multiple breakdowns over not being enough–step back. The story will still be there. But for a small while, let yourself just be.

Just breathe.”

– Every great, truly enlightened artist

Of course, our minds are never that simple.

It might start within a couple days of your sabbatical, or even a few hours, but your story will poke at your brain. Characters will start materializing, and you’ll want nothing more than to write their story. Your heart will thrust at the chance at weaving their tale.

Are you in a healthier place? If so, write. 

Write remembering that the worlds you create, while thrilling and beautiful, do not define you. They are merely an expression of you.

Now go lay back with a cup of tea or a laptop, wherever you’re at in life, and just breathe. 

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